Online Booking

Web-Based Reporting

Sabre GDS

Online Booking

Choice Travel Management, Inc. offers a customizable web-based reservation system to meet your client's travel needs. Many companies combine agent service and an online reservation system for comprehensive travel management. We develop our client sites and maintain them in-house.


  • Each company/client gets a unique URL, accessible only to those you distribute it to. Or link to the tool from your company’s intranet site.
  • The site will be branded with the company logo.
  • Upload written travel policy to the site making it available for review by company travelers at time of booking.

Profiles, Accounting, & Security

  • The built-in traveler profile allows travelers to update their personal information; no need to enter frequent traveler numbers, contact information, and forms of payment multiple times.
  • Custom fields can be created to collect trip data in the format necessary to meet your company’s accounting requirements. This data can then be reflected in customized reporting.
  • Sensitive company and individual information is safe-guarded to help ensure the highest level of privacy.

Vendor Consolidation

  • Corporate agreements with car rental companies, airline incentive programs, or negotiated rates at specific hotel properties can be built into your client’s site.

Ease of use

  • User-friendly interface provides easy to navigate screens guiding the travelers step-by-step through the reservation process.
  • Automatic airfare comparison is performed to advise the traveler of available lower priced itineraries.
  • Hotel searches are simplified by map view, showing the relative locations of hotels, allowing the user to narrow the results based upon various criteria, and still indicate company preferences.

Policy Enforcement

  • Air, Car, and Hotel rules can be built to set forth and enforce company policy to a high level of detail.
  • In and out-of-policy options are clearly delineated to assist the traveler in compliance.
  • Multiple trip notification options are available to allow travel arrangement to be monitored at the preferred frequency.
  • A trip approval feature may be utilized to require approval, through an automated process, prior to final confirmation of any reservation.

Contact Us for a live demonstration of the online booking tool.

Web-Based Reporting

Choice Travel Management, Inc. has partnered with Grasp Technologies, Inc. to offer web-based reporting to its clients. Information collected via Choice’s back office accounting system is synchronized with the web-based reporting tool to provide comprehensive information in connection with agent-based itineraries and those initiated on Choice’s online reservation system. Choice’s reporting product provides corporate clients with access to the information they need to develop effective travel programs, manage travel budgets and maximize cost organization and expense reconciliation.

Customized Reporting

Clients design a custom reporting package, choosing from a collection of reports created to organize their travel data into usable formats to meet their specific internal reporting requirements. Information on air, car, and hotel reservations is available in addition to more advanced reporting on exchanged tickets, advance purchase trends and comprehensive executive summaries. Reports may be run at desired time intervals and are produced in Excel, PDF, HTML, XML or Word formats. Sort features provide the end user with the flexibility to pull relevant data for individuals, specific accounts or based on other criteria. We also have the resources to develop customized reports to assist companies in obtaining additional information or specific formatting to meet their accounting needs. All reports can be scheduled for recurring delivery individually or in batches via email

Data Access

Data from Choice’s back office accounting system is periodically synchronized with the web-based reporting system allowing users direct access to reports. In addition to reporting capabilities, through the Data Café you can search for and return details of any transaction stored in Choice’s data warehouse. Individual invoices may be obtained and scheduled for distribution as desired.

Individual accounts are established with a unique login and password.

Dashboard Reporting

The dashboard reporting feature allows users to create a custom interface similar to a home page, which includes snapshot reports, graphs and charts related to travel spending and usage. This also includes access to frequently run reports and quick search ability.


Sensitive information, such as company and individual credit card information, is encrypted. Travel data is secure and online access is limited to specific reports and/or invoicing provided only to designated individuals.

Sabre GDS

Choice Travel Management, Inc. partners with Sabre to bring us the latest in travel technology. As a leading, worldwide travel distribution company, Sabre has access to over 400 airlines, 175,00 hotel properties, 40 car rental brands and rail carriers. Sabre automation, combined with the experience of Choice Travel’s agents and our implementation of more advanced, specifically tailored processes, provides for a swift, smooth reservation process and allows Choice to provide:

Comprehensive Air Content

  • 420 airlines participate in the system at a level that ensures that agents sell in real time—as if they were using the airline’s own system to make the booking.
  • 290 others update their schedule and availability information in Amadeus in real time, providing agents with the most up-to-date and accurate flight information.

Real-time Car and Hotel Availability

  • Over 110,000 hotel properties and 30 car rental companies are available through the Amadeus system.
  • Amadeus car content gives agents real-time availability and rate information, and guaranteed confirmations at the time of booking.
  • Estimated totals provide true rate calculations, including mandatory surcharges, one-way fees, insurance and taxes.
  • Amadeus makes the booking process up to 60 percent faster; the average transaction response time is less than 0.03 seconds.
  • All content is available in real time.
  • Flexible policies make it easy for business travelers to modify, change, or cancel their reservations—without the hassles.

Higher Quality Service

  • Amadeus quality control software allows us to ensure that all necessary information is in each reservation.
  • Rules are created to meet the requirements of the airlines, the TSA, and of individual clients.